DB&C NetWerks

Technology can be a powerful tool…when it works. But where can you turn when it doesn’t? Without dedicated support, a technological speed bump can quickly become a roadblock in your workflow. That’s why DB&C Netwerks exists to help your business’ information technology (IT) run smoothly.

DB&C NetWerks provides professional IT services to small and medium-sized businesses on a consulting basis. This “technology time-share” model developed organically when an attorney and a technology expert found themselves in need of the other’s services and agreed to pool their expertise. This allowed them to leverage the other’s strengths to enhance their own, and NetWerks was born.

Our experienced team provides solutions customized to your needs. We can assist with everything from setting up a brand new business’ IT system to ongoing support and troubleshooting. Whether you need remote support or on-site services, our team has the expertise you need. When complicated issues arise, NetWerks maintains a network of electricians, server administrators, audio/visual specialists, programmers, and web designers, so there is always someone who can help find the answer. To learn more about DB&C NetWerks, please click here.