Non-profit Organization Niche Services

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) fulfill vital missions and enrich our community through essential programs and initiatives. DB&C gives back to our community in many different ways, including board member service, firm-wide community volunteering days, and financial sponsorships. One of the biggest ways we serve these organizations is through our firm’s NPO niche which is comprised of accounting professionals who specialize in specific tax and audit needs of non-profit organizations.

We understand that the financial requirements for non-profits can be complex, and in an industry where resources are often limited, we know the importance of operating at maximum efficiency. Our team has years of extensive experience in the audit, financial reporting, and consulting space, specific to the non-profit industry. Niche members are certified in non-profit financial management and are able to provide practical and innovative recommendations to help your organization fulfill its mission. For more information about non-profit services at DB&C, please click here.